"SHIORI" English information

★Rerax in Japanese style.

★Get rid of travel fatique with a massage or Japanese hot spring.

★I can give you personalised service at my salon.

★You can relax while you wait.

★This salon is in a traditional style Japanese.

★The cartains and accessories are all remade from Japanese kimonos.

★We have a free pick up service whithin central Matsumoto.

★Couples & females only.

★We have towels,you don't need to bring anything.

※Services for tourist(+hot spring +relaxationtime)

Herb steam bath (It is using Japanese herbs and wild plant)+hot spring+ relaxationtime→¥4000
Herb steam bath +reflexology+hotspring+relaxationtime→¥6500
◎You can choose massage only or set.I can arrange it for you.

Foot reflexology 40min  +hot spring   + relaxationtime →¥3500

Foot reflexology +Thai massage or Oil treatment using hearbal pillow 60min→¥5000
(+hot spring   + relaxationtime  )

☆Therapist service details 

  • Facial reflexology
  • Foot reflexology
  • Thai traditional massage
  • Aroma oil treatment(swedidish&lomi lomi)
  • Indian head massage
  • body tuning


herb steam bath

Japanese herbs